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G Scan2 Oscilloscope functions


G Scan2 Oscilloscope functions
Measure Menu

Measures the voltage or amperage fluctuations of the vehicle’s sensor or actuator circuits in rapid succession and visualises the signals in the graphic waveforms.
Measure Mode


measure2Measurement of a vehicles engine cylinder compression is also possible by the use of optional pressure sensor.

4ch014 Channel Mode With Aux. Input



2ch012 Channel Mode With Aux. Input





24ch012/4 Channel Mode Single Pattern



trigger01Trigger Setting By Screen Touch





vmDigital Multi-Meter
volt meter

G-scan 2 provides digital meter function through the VMI that performs the measurement of voltage, resistance, frequency, duty cycle and pulse width as well as the continuity test.
rmResistance Meter



ctContinuity Test



fmFrequency Meter



pmPulse Width Meter





Simulation Function

G-scan 2 can actively send out the electric signals to the vehicle’s sensor or actuator circuit for in-depth diagnostic purposes.
svsoSimulation-Voltage Signal Output


sdsoSimulation-Duty Signal Output



sfsoSimulation-Frequency Signal Output





In addition to finding the cause of the problem with the 2/4 channel oscilloscope, G-Scan 2 gives you the ability to measure current amps and secondary ignition using these optional probes.
simulation frequency
GS2scope_probeCOP Quick Pick-up Probe
Used for picking up the secondary ignition voltage by placing the tip on top of the ignition coil for the COP (Coil On Plug) / DIS (Direct Ignition System) where the ignition coil is placed on top of every cylinder.



IgnitionProbeHT_1Ignition HT Probe (High-Voltage Cable)
Used for picking up the secondary igition voltage by clamping the high tension (voltage cord of the distributor or the 2 ignition cables of the DLI (Distributor-less Ignition) ignition coil.





GS2Leads_optionGS2 Leads Optional
Blue – 2x24mm(F)
BNC(F) Adaptors
Red-BNC (M) Adaptor
The optional 4mm ‘Banana Jack’ and ‘BNC’ adaptors allow you to use your own existing leads or High and Low amp clamps, Coil on plug probe, or Distributor-less ignition HT system probes through the CH. AUX setting when registered to the G-Scan.










GS2_CurrentClampCurrent Clamps
60A & 600A Current Clamps
Measures high and low current amperes with the inductive amps clamp.