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AUTEL MaxiSys Elite

MaxiSys-EliteThe MaxiSys Elite, the newest addition to the MaxiSys line of highly advanced smart diagnostic tools, is based on the fast and intuitive Android operating system. Powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra® 4, the world’s fastest mobile processor, its visually stunning 9.7” Retina display offers ultra-high resolutions up to 2048×1536 and an optimized array of sophisticated and powerful applications.
The MaxiSys Elite rapidly performs every job from comprehensive vehicle diagnostics & analysis to advanced ECU programming. 2x faster than any comparable device, the MaxiSys Elite provides extended battery life and intelligent power saving. The MaxiSys Elite offers a super-sensitive capacitive screen able to respond to gloved, moistened, and even greasy fingers! The ergonomically angled docking station provides optimum visibility and convenient charging that eliminates power concerns.
autel maxisys KIT

Launch Heavy Duty Module

HeavyDuty ModuleAndroid heavy-duty truck/bus
diagnostic module

New generation professional heavy-duty truck diagnostic tool based on Android OS

Android heavy-duty truck module is a new generation heavy-duty truck fault diagnostic tool developed by Launch Tech regarding internet application on the basis of Android OS. It communicates with mobile intelligent terminals through Bluetooth to achieve fault diagnosis for various car models and full systems. Advantages include wide car model coverage, powerful test function, more special functions and accurate test data, etc. Besides all the diagnostic functions of former X-431 3G, it combines the application advantages of mobile internet. Maintenance technicians can check data at any time, and install all kinds of internet App, which bring greater convenience to them.

Product Features:

* Wireless Bluetooth Diagnosis

Host machine and diagnostic connector adopt Bluetooth connection, making diagnosis more convenient.

* Support various car models

At present, 79 brands home and abroad are supported. Moreover, the software is being continuously developed.

* Industrial shockproof design

Industrial shockproof design is perfect for the working environment in repair shops.

* Various configurations are available for selection

Suppose you are going to purchase heavy-duty truck diagnostic tool, you can choose X-431 PRO3 or X-431 PAD II as host machine. If you have already bought X-431 PRO3 or X-431 PAD II diesel configuration, now you want to test truck, just buy a heavy-duty truck module.

Cables included:-
MAN 12 pin connector
MAN 37 pin connector
RENAULT  12 Linear pin connector
SCANIA 16 pin connector
Mitsubishi/Hyundai 12+16 pin connector
MERCEDES-BENZ 14 pin connector
OBD 6 pin connector
OBD 9 pin connector
IVECO 30 pin pin connector
VOLVO  8 pin
Hyundai Truck
DAF 16 pin connector
HEAVY X431 Diagnostic kit case
X431 3G-II Diagnostic cable head


gscan2_600OEM-Level Multi-Function Diagnostics

The G-Scan 2 is the next generation Multi-Function Diagnostic Tool. It offers high end functions of programming, coding, component & wiring testing as well as CAN line analysis in a user friendly hand held unit.

Voltage_SGBesides the OEM Asian coverage the G-Scan 2 has exceptionally strong coverage for the majority of European and American brands.

If advanced functions and full capability is what you require then look no further than the G-Scan2


  •  All the outstanding capability and performance of the G-Scan, plus…

  • Market leading coverage for Asian cars and trucks
  • Instant boot-up from standby mode
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for cable free updates and wireless printing
  • Super fast triple processor  for high speed performance
  • Memo and screen grab functions – make notes on screen for later retrieval and printing
  • Simulation function for in-depth diagnostics
  • 7″ High definition, sunlight readable, LCD colour touch screen
  • 12 button menu navigation system
  • 16 GB SD memory card
  • Windows CE 6.0 operating system
  • Special functions calculator for Ohm’s law, parallel resistances and more
  • Handy unit converter

Learn more about the G-Scan Oscilloscope model here

ufWatch G-Scan2 Truck Videos



 Vehicle Coverage


Daihatsu • Hino Trucks • Honda • Infiniti • Isuzu • Lexus

Mazda • Mitsubishi • Mitsubishi Fuso • Nissan

Suzuki • Subaru • Toyota


Chevrolet (GM) • Daewoo • Hyundai • Kia • Ssangyong


Perodua • Proton


Chery • Great Wall


Audi • BMW • Dacia • Ford • Lada • Land Rover • Mercedes • MINI
Peugeot • Renault • SEAT • Škoda • Vauxhall/Opel • Volkswagen • Volvo


Chrysler • Dodge • Ford (USA) • Jeep


Mahindra • Tata

General Specification
Category Specifications
Micro Contriller
Triple CPU Main control Board ARM11@ 400MHz
Communication Board ARM9 @ 266MHz
Measurement Board (Optional) ARM9 @ 266MHz
System Memory
Main Control Board: NAND Flash 128MB and SD RAM 256MB
Main Control Board: NAND Flash 32MB and SD RAM 8MB
Main Control Board: NAND Flash 32MB and SD RAM 8MB
External Memory 16GB SD Card
LCD 7” TFT LCD (1024 X 600 pixel)
Input Devices
Touch Screen
Power, Enter and Esc keys
4 way directional keys , F1 ~ F6 function keys
Indication Lamps 3 Color LED
Sound Buzzer and speaker
Rechargeable Battery Li-Ion Polymer 2100m Ah 1cell
Operating Voltage 7 ~ 35V DC (10~35V for charging)
Housing Material PC + ABS resin with rubber shrouds
Dimension 230 X 146 X 72 mm (with VMI pack mounted)
Weight Approx. 1300g (with VMI pack mounted)
Category Specifications
External COM port 1 X USB 2.0 standard (master) + 1 X mini USB (slave)
WiFi Module On-board
Blue Tooth On-board
AC/DC Adapter
Category Specifications
Input Power 100 ~ 240V AC
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
VMI (Vehicle Measurement Interface)
Category Specifications
Voltage Division 2 Channel Mode ±400mV, ±800mV, ±2V, ±4V, ±8V, ±20V, ±40V, ±80V,
±200V, ±400V
4 Channel Mode ±4V, ±8V, ±20V, ±40V, ±80V, ±200V, ±400V
Vertical Resolution 10 bit
Sampling Mode Normal / Peak Mode
AC/DC Coupling Supported
Voltage Division 2 Channel Mode 100㎲, 200㎲, 500㎲, 1㎳, 2㎳, 5㎳, 10㎳,
20㎳, 50㎳, 100㎳, 200㎳, 500㎳, 1s, 2s, 5s
4 Channel Mode 200㎲, 400㎲, 1㎳, 2㎳, 4㎳, 10㎳,
20㎳, 40㎳, 100㎳, 200㎳, 400㎳, 1s, 2s, 4s
Digital Multi-Meter
Category Specifications
Voltage ±400mV, ±4V, ±40V, ±400V / Auto Range
Resistance 1Ω ~ 10㏁ / Auto Range
Frequency 1Hz ~ 10kHz / Threshold level : 2.50.5V
Duty Cycle
0.1% ~ 99.9% @ 1Hz ~ 100Hz
1.0% ~ 99.0% @ 100Hz ~ 1kHz
3.0% ~ 97.0% @ 1kHz ~ 3kHz
5.0% ~ 95.0% @ 3kHz ~ 5kHz
10.0% ~ 90.0% @ 5kHz ~ 10kHz
Pulse Width 10㎲ ~ 1,000ms
Category Specifications
Voltage Signal Output 0.0 ~ 5.0 V
Frequency Signal Output 1Hz ~ 999Hz (50% duty)
Actuator Control Frequency Range 1Hz ~ 999Hz
Duty Range 1% ~ 99% @ 1Hz ~ 99Hz
10% ~ 90% @ 100Hz ~ 999Hz
Pulse Width Variable
Getting familiar with the G-Scan2 oscilloscope

24Volt Japanese Truck intro to G-Scan2

Autel MV400

Autel MaxiVideo_1Autel MaxiVideo MV400

Records and plays back still images and video clips.

3.5 “ high resolution full color LCD display (320×240) • Easy-to-use, multi-language interface.

Wide camera angle for images with 640×480 resolution.

With optional removable Micro SD cards, saves images and videos to take with anywhere.

On-screen horizontal/vertical reverse • 5x digital zoom for increased viewing.

Autel-MaxiVideo-MV400_55770Mini USB connector for uploading images and videos to a computer.

Narrow probe diameter available in either 8.5mm(0.33”) or 5.5mm(0.22”) and fits most spark plug holes.

White LED to illuminate the inspection area, with illumination control • Views objects as close as 1”.

Oil and scratch resistant tempered glass lens • 1M (39.4”) semi-rigid, but flexible watertight shaft.

Autel-MaxiVideo-MV400_CaseBuilt-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 3-4 hours of continuous use • Ergonomic and durable tool housing.

Launch Workshop Pro3

WorkshopPro3Based on the Android operating system, the X431 Pro III is the latest diagnostic tool from Launch.
With remote diagnostic features and a built-in social network, this tool encompasses the best in Launch technology and tablet computer usability.
Encorporating the best in already existing Launch diagnostic tools, the Pro 3 can read and clear DTCs, read a car’s data stream, perform actuation tests and more.
TCONFIRMShe Launch X431 Pro III has been designed to connect vehicles and workshops, with wireless and bluetooth connectivity.
A built-in social network service enables users to connect to a community for help with diagnosis, while remote diagnosis is possible with golo option. Users also have access to a car database and repair tips, allowing for faster and more efficient performance.

Workshop Pro3_FEB1Workshop Pro3_FEB2

TEXA Opabox

prod-gasbox-opabox-autopower(2)OPABOX Autopower

OPABOX Autopower is a partial flow opacity meter for diesel engines. It incorporates a latest generation exhaust gas analysis chamber developed to conform to international standards.

Thanks to Power Pack and Bluetooth technology, TEXA exhaust gas analysis solutions eliminate all those awkward cables trailing around the workshop, between the analysers and the display units, and between the analysers and the mains power supply too.

prod-gasbox-autopower(5)OPABOX Autopower is designed to be practical and versatile, and meets the full range of requirements of mechanics in the field of exhaust gas analysis.
The analysis chamber is incorporated in a practical trolley mounted on wheels with ball bearings. The analyser can therefore be moved effortlessly to the vehicle waiting to be tested.

prod-g-gasbox-opabox-02(1)_1GASBOX Autopower is an exhaust gas analyser for petrol, LPG, and methane fuelled engines. It incorporates TEXA’s own analysis chamber and comes with a practical trolley for easy movement around the workshop.

prod-g-gasbox-opabox-03(1)_1To make it even more flexible, as well as being plugged into any standard mains power socket, GASBOX can also be used with Power Pack, a practical battery module that can be removed and recharged separately. This clever solution means that you can always have one or more batteries charged and ready for use.

GASBOX Autopower

460 x 200 x 250 mm

  6,5 Kg (with trolley 15 kg)EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY  2 x 12 V 7 A/h lead batteries; Maximum consumption: 80 W

SERIAL PORT  RS232 standard



RESET AND CALIBRATION  electronic and automatic


CONDENSATE DRAINAGE  continuous and automatic

RESPONSE TIME  < 10 seconds

HEATING TIME  Max. 60 seconds

OPABOX Autopower

  460 x 200 x 250 mmWEIGHT  6,5 Kg (with trolley 15 kg)

EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY 2 x 12 V 7 A/h lead batteries; Maximum consumption: 80 W

SERIAL PORT  RS232 standard



RESET AND CALIBRATION  electronic and automatic

TECHNOLOGY  Green Led diode

HEATING TIME  maximum 5 minutes



TEXA Multi Pegaso

prod-multi-pegaso(2)_1MULTI PEGASO:
the multifunctional station for successful garage businesses.

Repairing latest-generation vehicles requires the right sort of equipment, built around innovative technological solutions that can be continuously updated to cope with the rapid changes and constant progress typical of the automotive sector.

MULTIPEGASO is the most complete and reliable solution on the market today, and combines exhaust gas analysis and advanced diagnostic resources in the one unit.
This complete workstation comes complete with a colour printer and Bluetooth technology. Because it can dialogue remotely with all TEXA tools and simultaneously control all TEXA interfaces and devices, MULTIPEGASO is guaranteed to rationalise work in the modern garage.

prod-multi-pegaso-meccanico(7)_1The bottom section of the unit houses two compartments containing connectors for recharging the GASBOX Autopower and OPABOX Autopower modules. A combination of solidity and easy handling makes the MULTIPEGASO ideal for workshop use.

MULTIPEGASO is mounted on a stable and robust trolley with 4 sturdy wheels and is based on a new industrial PC fully engineered by TEXA. The station’s advanced software has been specifically developed to manage complex analysis and diagnostic procedures.

It is equipped with a 1.86 GHz, Intel Atom dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 340 GB hard disk, 19” display, DVD burner and air mouse remote control. The operating system is Windows 7.

MULTIPEGASO also includes a professional keyboard, an optical mouse, an infrared interface for remotely controlling all main functions, and a high quality ink jet colour printer. MULTIPEGASO conforms to the strictest quality standards and is ideal for use in workshop conditions.

prod-gasbox-opabox-autopower-software-ets(1)ETS: Emissions Test Software

Control software for TEXA exhaust gas analysis tools. ETS can be installed on any Windows PC.
The software guides the mechanic step by step through the test procedure, and interacts automatically with TEXA’s GASBOX Autopower, OPABOX Autopower, RC2, RC3 and RCM tools.


Hanatech Software update Video

Lawrence Fisher guides you through the updating process for Hanatech Scan tools using HostPro software

A current subscription will enable you to use your Hanatech service tool to the best of it’s abilities. We strongly recommend that the machine gets plugged in via USB and updates are run regularly. This will enable the machine to run at it’s optimised best. We strongly advise you to set a reminder on your PC about running updates, and plugging it in at night leaves it ready to go in the morning!

Hana_mechThe Hanatech technicians regularly update software and patches for updates on a range of vehicles including cars from Japan, which is ideal for the range of imports that we see on our shores. Also, having a machine in current subscription allows the technician to select from previous options of software (Rolling) to best serve the vehicle you have in your workshop.


After running the latest updates, the machine will time out from HostPro. We strongly urge you to re-connect and repeat the procedure, BUT instead of “Latest Version” select “TRIAL” version from the drop down box at the top, and run this option. It will NOT over ride latest versions, but will give you TRIAL versions which is where Hanatech development work is being undertaken, and you can use these options for scanning vehicles as well. Which will give you a greater range on your service tool.

Rolling? Forward and back

So much data and functions is crammed into these 512mb cards, so inevitably it can get a bit crammed, and NO Communication Errors occur, nothing can be worse than plugging into a regular visitor, and NOT being able to scan, so this necessitates the need to roll the software. To do this, connect scan tool to Host-Pro but instead of selecting “Scan Latest Version” change this to Scan Previous or Scan OLD versions. But do NOT select ALL manufacturers, just the make of vehicle that you are working on, and Update the software to either of these, and this will increase the range of vehicles and options available to you. BUT for good working practices, ROLL the software back to latest versions after you have finished.

Click here to download HostPro software 1.78.

How to Uninstall Host Pro

If you can’t uninstall Host Pro Ver, please follow below procedure.

STEP 1. Disconnect USB from PC.

STEP 2. Reboot PC.

STEP 3. Download HostProSetup.exe file.

STEP 4. Double click HostProSetup.exe file.



Petroject Videos

2010-11-17 19.48.29Petroject deliver training across the country, ranging from small sessions to larger multi day seminars. The problem with Training in New Zealand is it can be long winded, irrelevant, or just too difficult to access.
We love to get out on the road and bring World Class training to your area.

Course modules available for workshops include:
• EFi Component testing
• Oscilloscopes
• Scan tool Essentials
• Advanced Scanning
• Better Business development
• CAN networks (of course!)
• Fly-by-wire
• Ignition taming
• Gas Analysis and many more

We also have a range of videos to assist you too:-

Hanatech Scan tool demonstration  |  Bosch KTS Software instal
Hanatech Software updates  |  Bosch Scan Tool Demo
Diagnostics of Distinction Conference