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2010-11-17 19.48.29Petroject deliver training across the country, ranging from small sessions to larger multi day seminars. The problem with Training in New Zealand is it can be long winded, irrelevant, or just too difficult to access.
We love to get out on the road and bring World Class training to your area.

Course modules available for workshops include:
• EFi Component testing
• Oscilloscopes
• Scan tool Essentials
• Advanced Scanning
• Better Business development
• CAN networks (of course!)
• Fly-by-wire
• Ignition taming
• Gas Analysis and many more

We also have a range of videos to assist you too:-

Hanatech Scan tool demonstration  |  Bosch KTS Software instal
Hanatech Software updates  |  Bosch Scan Tool Demo
Diagnostics of Distinction Conference



Hanatech Feedback form

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Feedback from qualified technicians about the Hanatech machine and software is invaluable, and helps us develop the service tool further. Please take time to complete the form below, listing as many details  as possible. Wherever possible, if we are aware of a fix or solution we can advise you, but a response will come from Hanatech and we will do our utmost to advise you of the results, and wherever possible it will result in a further update.

We thank you for your co-operation.



P1_new shape_1Hanatech, servicing in New Zealand for 15 years
We don’t have to tell you how diverse our New Zealand Carpark is. In our own fleet we have European cars from places like Singapore, Jakarta, and even (worst of all!) New Zealand!.
This makes all those internationally manufactured scan tools a bit iffy when it comes to our huge grey import market.
Enter the Hanatech.
We fly the Hantech Engineers out to Various locations throughout New Zealand, where they work at localising the software to work perfectly on our Japanese, Singapore, & South African sourced vehicles.

Diagnostic Solutions from Hanatech

Hanascan70_blue Hanascan10
P1_new shape_1w UltrascanP1_MS_sm

•• • Hanatech coverage list • ••

Alfa Romeo  |  BMW  |  Chrysler  |  Citroen  |  Daewoo  |  Daihatsu  |  Ford AU  |  Ford Eur
 Ford US  |  Fiat  |  GM USA  |  Holden  |  Honda  |  Hyundai  |  Hyundai USA  |  Isuzu
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