Superscan3_200The Superscan III from DEC in Argentina, Worthy of serious consideration!
Call for details
Specialising in the French, Italian & Other European marques?
You will want only the best Equipment!

The DEC SuperScan III was developed with the latest technology, to meet the requirements of new generation vehicles.

With this new model we have achieved the integration of these necessary tools for mechanics:
• Multi-Make Automotive Scanner
• CAN Network Analyzer

By means of a simple connection to the vehicle´s diagnostic socket, you will see on your PC screen, in a very clear and simple way, all the fault codes and live data of the different systems on the vehicle.

On any system like Petrol or Diesel injection, Airbag, ABS, Comfort Systems, Immobilizer, Climatronics, Body Computer, Power Steering, Electronic Dashboard, Tyre Pressure Control, etc., you will be able to perform nearly all the same functions as the original manufacturers scantool. This includes fault codes, reading and erasing, parameter reading (live data), Component activation and Control Unit programming and configuration.

Programming functions are of special interest to nowadays mechanics, because most of new Control Units (ECU) require some type of reprogramming after replacement, or configuration for adequate functioning. Also some ECUs allow user customizations which are only available through special programming functions. Ignition key coding is also of great importance and can be done in most cases with the SuperScan.

The Superscan system has both hardware and software. The hardware is an intelligent electronic interface that handles all communications between the vehicle and the software. The software handles all diagnostic functions and displays all the processed data on the PC screen. Software modules are grouped in “sister” marques like Peugeot-Citroen or Opel-Vauxhall. Check our application list for further information.

Software modules can be bought separately, and more can be added later. This allows mechanics to build a system adequate to their needs. Right Click the links below and choose “Open in new window/Tab, to view the Vehicle application lists. Be sure to bookmark this page as the links will take you offsite.