Hanascan70_blue• PC-Based Diagnostic Scanner Module

• Light and Robust Design

• USB 2.0 Interface

• RF Wireless(2.4GHz) Communication

• 32 / 64Bit CPU Operation

• OEM Level Diagnostic Software

The Hanascan 10 and Hanascan 70 are both simple to use with user friendly design, efficient, clear easy to navigate software, contain large memory and offer valuable functionality and superior compatibility with Windows OS.
The Hanascan 70 has Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-fi and USB 2.0 connectivity.
The Hanascan is a PC based diagnostic scan module, light, robust and designed for low power consumption. Common features include; feedback system self test, monitoring, key coding, OEM level diagnostic software and all communication protocols.
Furthermore another option is the standalone automotive Oscilloscope that provides accurate measurement data. The Hanatech offers digital graphing multi meter, pulse generator, automotive component autoset, ignition waveform analyser and a 12bit high resolution on a 10.1 inch TFT color LCD touch screen.